Cleanroom Flexi Mat offers more than peel-off mats

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Berendsen Cleanroom Services have addressed the problems raised by studies into how effective peel-off mats are at containing contamination and stopping it from entering your cleanroom.

The findings showed the mats are not as effective as you would assume and therefore Berendsen can now offer the Cleanroom Flexi Mat which is more effective at retaining particles and negates the negative aspects of the peel-off mats.

It is essential that foot contamination is contained and prevented from entering any aspect of a cleanroom area but peel-off mats only have a 27% effectiveness at this task*. The majority of peel-off mats placed at entry points are too small to allow for the recommended six footfalls (three for each foot) and in addition overstriking further affects their effectiveness.

However, the Flexi Mat comes in a variety of sizes and can be placed at the optimum site to ensure the six footfall is met. In addition at an overstriking point on Flexi Mat a further 90.3% of particles are removed from overshoes, compared with an increase of up to 381.9% being deposited back onto the shoes using peel-off mats, thereby reducing its effectiveness from 27% to 11%.

Other negative qualities of peel-off mats are: they are not guaranteed to stay adhered to the floor and corner peeling can occur causing a trip hazard. They are prone to static charges. Peel-off mats can tear overshoes, exposing unclean surfaces. The adhesive can be tracked into the cleanroom causing contamination. Often multiple peeling of sheets occurs and during peeling, if not done correctly, up to 215,000 particles are released into the atmosphere during the rip up process.

The Cleanroom Flexi Mat has none of these issues. It is a semi-permanent mat which stays in place for the rental period of 3-6 months, depending on footfall, and its backing adhesive negates it lifting. The polymeric properties provide the particle retention and this does not transfer to shoes of any variety. There is no peeling required, only daily cleaning as part of a normal cleaning regime. Particles are not released, indeed it also retains airborne particles, and there is significant saving regarding environmental waste. 

As an added incentive to use the Cleanroom Flexi Mat it also contains Biomaster® - an inorganic silver antimicrobial - as an integral ingredient. This provides effective and lasting antimicrobial protection. Biomaster® is proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria such as Campylobacter, MRSA, E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and many others by up to 99.9%.

From an aesthetic perspective the Cleanroom Flexi Mat from Berendsen is a more attractive option and can be personalised with a company logo.

In conclusion, the Cleanroom Flexi Mat solves the problems associated with peel-off mats and is a more viable, cost-effective option for contamination control.

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*Study carried out by GSK.

# Source: Dr Tim Sandle